Xeriscaping: 6 Steps to a Natural, Low Maintenance Lawn

Filed under: Home Improvement, How To Xeriscaping, or waterless landscaping (or smart-scaping or native-plant landscaping — whew!), is a great way to save time and money on maintenance for your lawn. By using native plant species and [...]

Home Sellers and Realtors: Where They Agree and Don’t About Marketing a Property

Filed under: News, How To, Selling By Samuel Weigley The services of real estate agents can be invaluable, but it seems that most sellers know how to sell their homes. And when it comes to home improvements before putting their houses on the [...]

Kitchen Lighting: Ambient, Task and Accent Lighting From Start to Finish

Filed under: Design, News, How To Beautiful and functional kitchen lighting breaks down into three categories: Ambient, task and accent lighting. Incorporating all three into your kitchen layout will provide you with a well-lit and attractive [...]

10 DIY Projects That Even Renters Can Do

Filed under: News, Home Improvement, How To By Scott Gamm NEW YORK — Even though mortgage rates are at historically low levels, it’s the rental market in many areas across the U.S. that is really heating up. Obtaining a mortgage [...]