Xeriscaping: 6 Steps to a Natural, Low Maintenance Lawn

Filed under: Home Improvement, How To Xeriscaping, or waterless landscaping (or smart-scaping or native-plant landscaping — whew!), is a great way to save time and money on maintenance for your lawn. By using native plant species and [...]

Curb Appeal: 5 Low-Cost Easy Landscaping Tips

Filed under: News, Home Improvement, How To A minimalist curb-appeal landscaping plan can revitalize any yard that’s not in serious trouble. You’ll have bright color, lush greens and a well-manicured yard that says, “I’m [...]

Home Sellers and Realtors: Where They Agree and Don’t About Marketing a Property

Filed under: News, How To, Selling By Samuel Weigley The services of real estate agents can be invaluable, but it seems that most sellers know how to sell their homes. And when it comes to home improvements before putting their houses on the [...]