Pay Off Your Mortgage Early? It Depends

Filed under: Advice, Buying, Financing, Home Equity, Investing, Refinancing Not that long ago, people bought one house and stayed put in it. After 30 years, they owned it free and clear, and this was a good thing, so went the thinking. Some [...]

Young Real Estate Investor: Where to Stash Extra Cash?

Filed under: Advice, Investing, Refinancing Andy Buman, 29, got interested in real estate a few years ago while working in construction. Since then, he has purchased two bank-owned single-family homes near Omaha, Neb., as rentals, and last fall [...]

Are Low Mortgage Rates Killing the Housing Market?

Filed under: News, Advice, Buying, Economy, Financing, Investing, Selling This may fall under the category of “too much of a good thing,” but there is growing sentiment that the historically low interest rates on mortgages are actually [...]