Pay Off Your Mortgage Early? It Depends

Filed under: Advice, Buying, Financing, Home Equity, Investing, Refinancing Not that long ago, people bought one house and stayed put in it. After 30 years, they owned it free and clear, and this was a good thing, so went the thinking. Some [...]

Watch: When to Pay Off the Mortgage Early

Filed under: News, Advice, Home Equity, Investing While paying down the mortgage is undoubtedly one of the largest financial burdens many Americans have to contend with, it’s certainly not the only long-term investment homeowners need [...]

House of the Day: Where the Deer and Antelope Play

Filed under: News, Buying, Investing While it doesn’t carry a price tag quite as mind-blowing as its neighbor (nearby Jackson Land and Cattle Ranch is listed at $175 million), this $100-million ranch near Jackson Hole, Wyo., known as [...]

College Town Real Estate Investments Score High Marks

Filed under: News, Investing, Other The closest thing to a sure bet in real estate may be going to college. Investments in college towns — places where the community is shaped by a university’s presence — have done well while [...]

House of the Day: A Sparkling Waterfront Condo for Much Less

Filed under: Design, News, Investing, Lifestyle, Other, Selling Many investors have Miami Beach in their sights, so we thought we’d do a little bargain-hunting ourselves. We turned up this uber-sophisticated 20th-floor condo on Miami [...]

House of the Day: Living Large at the Jersey Shore

Filed under: News, Investing Thought Snooki and her partners cornered the market on conspicuous consumption? Then you haven’t seen this Jersey Shore mansion. With 22 rooms, a 15-car-garage and 650 feet of beachfront (provided Hurricane [...]

House of the Day: Detroit Gem in Need of Polishing

Filed under: News, Buying, Investing, Selling Flipping through the Detroit MLS these days produces some sad-trombone listings, but we keep coming back to a 10,395-square-foot baronial Tudor listed for $759,000. Since not even the Motor City [...]

Agent’s Commercial Property Sale on eBay Includes a Bank

Filed under: News, Advice, Buying, Investing, Selling Give it to central Indiana real estate agent Jeanne Clarkson for thinking outside the lockbox. The former eBay power seller has packaged three buildings and posted them to the popular online [...]

Young Real Estate Investor: Where to Stash Extra Cash?

Filed under: Advice, Investing, Refinancing Andy Buman, 29, got interested in real estate a few years ago while working in construction. Since then, he has purchased two bank-owned single-family homes near Omaha, Neb., as rentals, and last fall [...]

Real Estate Investing: Learn What the Pros Know

Filed under: News, Investing There were plenty of people to blame for the housing bubble — our politicians, the big banks, average American homeowners, and of course, the investors and the speculators. Many acted like the market would [...]